BASF D-1280 E 1/16” 3F

BASF D-1280 - это надежный адсорбент на никелевой основе, обеспечивающий эффективное удаление следов серы из сырья в установках риформинга и изомеризации нафты.

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Sulfur Guard Bed Adsorbent
BASF D-1280 is a robust Nickel based adsorbent which providesefficient removal of trace levels of sulfur from feeds tonaphtha reformers and isomerization units.

BASF D 1280 is produced as star-shaped extrudate with a nominal diameter of 1/16" (1.6 mm). Itisdelivered pre-reduced and passivated.
Product Applications
  • Removal of various sulfur species(H2S, COS,mercaptans, sulfides, disulfides and thiophenes) from feedstreams to naphtha reformers. Thenaphtha typically comes from anHDS unitequipped with a stripper,or from hydrocrackers.

  • Removal of various sulfur species (mercaptans, sulfides) from feed streams to isomerization units.

Prior to start-up, the bed must beactivated by removing the passivation. This is typically performed using thefeed to be treated (hot oil activation). Maximum performance can be achieved by using a hydrogen containing stream at temperatures of 150 -180°C (300 -360°F)
Table 1
Typical properties
Ni, wt% 60
Surface Area, m2/g ~ 180
Packed ABD, kg/m3(lbs/cu ft) ~ 850 (~ 53)
Side Crush Strength per 3/16 length (4.8 mm), lbs 12
125 kg (275 lbs) net steel drums

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