Адсорбент CL-750

BASF CL-750 представляет собой сферический поверхностно-модифицированный адсорбент, специально разработанный для обеспечения оптимальной адсорбции HCl из паровых и жидкофазных технологических потоков. Патент США № 5,316,998. BASF CL-750 выпускается в сферах номинальными размерами 1/16 дюйма, 1/8 дюйма и 3/16 дюйма.

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Product Application
  • BASF CL-750 is particularlyappropriate for use in vapor phasechloride traps in catalytic reformingprocesses where optimum HCladsorption capacity and minimizationof polymer (“gum”) formation isdesirable. The high macroporosity ofBASF CL-750 improves diffusion ratesto assure high HCl adsorptioncapacity.

  • Liquid naphtha reformate streamsoften contain sufficientamounts of HClwhich cause corrosion and NH4Clplugging problems in heat exchangers,pumps, compressors and stabilizer towers. BASF CL-750 is an excellentHCl scavenger for these streams atboth ambient and elevatedtemperatures. The use of BASF CL-750chloride adsorbent allows continuousoperation without the problemsassociated with water washing ofchloride deposits in process equipment.

  • With its superior adsorption capacityand high porosity, CL-750 is appropriatefor the removal of HCl and free chlorideions from a variety of vapor and liquidphase streams in numerous petrochemicalproduction processes

Available Packaging
  • 2000 lb super sacks

  • 330 lb steel drums

Typical Chemical Composition (%)
Al2O3+ surface modifier (inorganic, non-toxic) 95.5
SiO2 0.015
LOI (1000ºC) 4.0
Typical Physical Properties
Total Pore Volume, cc/g 0.50
Bulk Density, lbs/ft3(kg/m3) 47.5 (760)
Crush Strength, (5 mesh eq), lbsf(kgf) 30 (14)
+7 (499) 608-10-15
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